Peer Learning at A CoLab involves one-on-one mentorship sessions by specialised mentors. Learn from experts, your seniors in the field, with flexible timings, focus on experiential learning and complete access to the practitioner.

Why Peer Learning?

As a learner, you get to learn from experts in your field of interest. No recorded sessions, no constraint on time and no paying of fees up front. Can there be a better way to learn than one-on-one flexible live sessions with no interference?

As a Mentor, benefit from your expertise and interest in teaching. No recordings are required. Teach one-on-one in a flexible manner.

How does it work?

As a Learner:

1. Find completely practical, case study based mentorship sessions available in your field of interest.
2. Have a look at the expert’s curated syllabus, course duration and fees.
3. Pay in instalments.
4. Learn in a flexible time period one-on-one with no interference and limitations whatsoever from A CoLab.

As a Mentor:

1. Curate your own course with syllabus, duration and your fees.
2. Teach in a flexible manner according to your and the learner’s convenience.
3. There will be no scheduling or recording of sessions from A CoLab. Teach one-on-one with no interference.

42 hours

Financial Analytics and Quantitative Finance

● Introduction to Financial Mathematics and Statistics (3hrs)
● Quantitative Analysis (3hrs)
● Risk Management (4hrs)
... ● Financial Validation and Risk Modeling (4hrs)
● Current trends in Financial Markets (3hrs)
● Applied Econometrics (7hrs)
● Financial Calculations (4hrs)
● Python and Libraries (4hrs)
● Derivative Market (4hrs)
● Stochastic Models (3hrs)
● LIBOR and Interest Rate Forecasting (3hrs)

— Pranit Dalvi Ex - UBS Bank

40 hours


● What is cyber security? (3hrs)
● The need of cyber security (2hrs)
● Uses of cyber security (3hrs)
... ● Computer Networks and Security (6hrs)
● Prerequisites to learn cyber security (3hrs)
● Relationship between hardware, software, policies, people using security (1hr)
● Implementation of cyber security (1hr)
● Bug Bounty (2hrs)
● Cyber/Digital Forensics and Investigation methodology (4hrs)
● Scope of cyber security (2hrs)

—Pushkar Yewalekar Cyber Security Expert

40 hours

Deep Learning with Keras

● Introduction (2hrs)
● Getting started (1.5hrs)
● Keras concepts (2.5hrs)
... ● Keras understanding -1 (4hrs)
● Keras understanding -2 (4hrs)
● Project Implementation (4hrs)
● Advanced Deep learning concepts (1.5hrs)

— Pradeep T Mtech in Computational Linguistics

20 hours

Computational Calculus with Python

● Introduction to Calculus. (2hrs)
● Functions and their behaviour. (4hrs)
● Experiments with differential calculus. (4hrs)
... ● Properties of derivatives (4hrs)
● Numerical calculus (2hrs)
● Computational Calculus and Industry Applications. (4hrs)

— Suraj Powar Computational Biology Researcher

45 hours

Application Development with Flutter & Dart

● Basic Dart (2hrs)
● Conditions (1.5hrs)
... ● Exceptions Handling (1hrs)
● Functions (2hrs)
● Async dart (2hrs)
● OOPs (4hrs)
● First Application hello world (2hrs)
● Safe Area (1hrs)
● Widgets (20hrs)
● EventHandling (3hrs)
● Statefull and Stateless Widgets (2hrs)
● Future Builder (3hrs)
● Pubspec.yaml (1hrs)

—Ayush Arora Information Security Analyst

15.5 hours

Mastering Microsoft Excel

● Why MS Excel? (30mins)
● Time saving and safety tricks (2hrs)
● Data Cleaning (2hrs)
... ● Data lookups and Calculations (5hrs)
● Data analysis and Presentation (2hrs)
● Marcos (4hrs)

— Divyesh Kotecha Learning & Development Consultant